Custom Motif Embroidery Hoop

Custom Motif Embroidery Hoop

If you love our embroidery hoops and want to add your own twists and stitches, our Motif Embroidery Sets are perfect to add those personal touches! Choose the Sea set to customise the Seahorse and Narwhal, or opt for the Woodland motifs for Badger, Fox, Squirrel and more! Why not mix and match and see where your imagination (and stitches) take you?

To recreate our customised embroidery hoop, you will need:

 -The Sea/Woodland Motif Embroidered Patterns
-A Contemporary Embroidery Kit (We've used the Seahorse but you can use any other pattern)
-A good pair of scissors
-Tea and biscuits (optional!)


1) Start by choosing your main embroidery pattern. Choose one of our existing designs that co-ordinate with the Sea and Woodland Motifs that come on a pre-printed cotton sheet, or design your own pattern from scratch. Stitch the pattern, following the detailed instructions which come with each Contemporary Embroidery Kit

2) For this project, we have opted to use Dressmakers Carbon Paper to transfers our motif designs onto our embroidery hoop. For this method, begin by choosing the Sea Motif designs you wish to transfer, and cut them out separately from the A4 sheet. If you are transferring onto light fabric such as the white cotton we have, choose the darkest possible sheet of carbon paper. Lay the carbon paper over the fabric you are transferring onto with the waxy side facing towards you and the smooth side touching the fabric. Place the motif shape onto the paper and begin and trace directly over the pattern using a sharp pencil. 

3) The motif design should transfer with strong lines which are easy to stitch around.

4) Place the cotton fabric back inside the embroidery hoop and begin embroidering, following the stitch guide that comes with all of our Contemporary Embroidery Kits, or download the PDF stitch guide that comes with the Motif Embroidery Patterns.

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Project and photography by the Hawthorn Handmade team. 
Spotlight Product - Cat Crochet Kit

Spotlight Product - Cat Crochet Kit

Cat Crochet Kit (£32.95)

We're definitely cat-lovers here at Hawthorn Handmade, as you can probably tell by our feline friends appearing in every type of our kits! This week we're shouting out about our Cat Crochet Kit, which is the perfect addition to your home as a home decor piece or even doorstop! Perch your completed cat on a bookshelf or windowsill and he's sure to be at home. 

Did you know, cats spend 70% of their lives asleep and that female cats are typically right-pawed while male cats are more likely to be left-pawed?

This cat can be crocheted over several instalments, and is a great way to learn a new skill or unwind in the evenings! 

 We love seeing how you get on with your kits, so make sure to tag us on Facebook and on Instagram using #HawthornHandmade. And don't forget to leave us a review on Facebook letting us know how you got on! 

 Thank you to this week's maker of the moment Sam Maughan, who shared her completed Sussex Chicken with us on Facebook. We can't get enough of the felted tail feathers! For your chance to be featured as our maker of the moment, simply share with us a picture of your in-progress or completed kit via Facebook, Instagram or via

Seasonal Gift Guide: Ultimate Guide for summer crafting on the go

Seasonal Gift Guide: Ultimate Guide for summer crafting on the go


Summer is the time to pack up the car, gather friends and family together, and chase the sun (or rain!) on plenty of outdoor adventures. Being outside and constantly on the go doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice crafting, and we’ve got plenty of products and top tips that can be taken wherever you go this summer!  

 1) Bee Brooch Needle Felting Kit (RRP £9.95 +£2.50 for foam)

 Our Brooch Needle Felting Kits are the perfect ‘telly crafts’ as you can start these projects while sitting on the sofa in the evening, and easily stop and pick up again whenever you like. Our Bee Brooch Kit is perfect for the warmer months, as it won’t take you long and means you can admire this sweet creature without the fear of being stung! The brooch kits take beginners approximately 2-3 hours to finish, so is a great project to complete in one sitting on a rainy day, or in evening instalments if you’re on your feet all day! This project would be a fabulous gift for somebody who likes to unwind in the evenings with a creative project, and is a great introduction to needle felting for anyone who hasn’t tried it before.

 2) Pop-up Loom (RRP 14.95) with Coral & Mint Weaving Supply Pack (RRP £14.95)

Weaving on a loom can often be associated with hours spent working over a large, clunky loom, but our unique pop-up loom offers a fresh take on creating woven projects! The loom comes as a flat-packed piece of birch plywood, and all you’ll need to do when beginning your project is snap the different pieces apart and slot together. Though we recommend gluing the loom into place, the fully-formed loom only measures 26.5 x 28cm, so can easily be popped into a bag or suitcase! The loom, along with the supply packs, include everything you need to make your own woven wall hangings, which are incredibly on-trend right now and an ideal gift both as a completed piece, or as the materials to create your own! Depending on the size you would like the final weave, as well as the stitches and materials used, a complete weave can be achieved in less than 3 hours, and the supplies are safe enough to use outdoors for that all important alfresco crafting! The Coral & Mint Supply Pack brings a pastel sense of summer, and will brighten up even the dullest summer days!

 3) Narwhal Contemporary Embroidery Kits (RRP £14.95)

Hoop embroidery is a speedy and effective way to create beautiful designs, and is a great present for both embroidery experts and newbies. Embroidery hoops with intricate designs are becoming a staple home décor piece, whether hanging from a wall or standing on a shelf, these hoops are sure to draw the eye. This Narwhal in particular would look fantastic on a feature wall paired with other aquatic designs, or simply standing along with bold colours and plenty of personality. Each hoop comes with everything you’ll need to complete the hoop, and whether you follow the stitch guide or create your own pattern, this type of craft is a great evening release or day-time treat. Stitch your favourite creature while basking in ‘you’ time, or get a group of friends and family together and learn from each other. However, and wherever you like to craft, these embroidery kits are sure to become a fast favourite pastime.

 4) Brights Merino Creativity Bundle (RRP £11.25)

Though Summer isn’t a time we associate with wooliness, our Brights Creativity Bundle is the ultimate crafting companion when it comes to weaving, felting and crotchet, and there are so many projects to be made with these vibrant bundles! Having spare wool lying around is always handy, whether you’re creating a woven masterpiece or simply want to add a pop of colour to your felting projects. Keep the wool inside the handy box it arrives in, and grab a strand whenever you need.

5) Little Owl Crochet Kit (RRP £24.95)

If crochet has always seemed like an elusive and unattainable technique, we’ve got a great project to get you started, and you’ll have your very own little owl companion in no time. Why not set yourself a challenge to have completed this project over the course of the summer? With the odd hour here and there, and with the help of our extensive instructions and reference images, you can pick up a new skill and entertain yourself on those inevitable dreary summer days, or even crotchet in the garden while soaking up the sun. Gift this kit to a crotchet expert or beginner, or teach yourself a new skill.

You can shop our summer gift guide here

Guide and photography by Hawthorn Handmade.