5 things to craft in your lunch break

5 things to craft in your lunch break

Lunch breaks, whether they are 15, 30 or 60 minutes long are a very important part of your day, but often overlooked in favour of eating at your desk and continuing to work. Whether you work from home or in an office, make sure to take some time away from your computer to rejuvenate… you’ll thank yourself when you return to your desk and feel much more productive! Here’s 5 nifty crafts that can be achieved in 15 minutes!

Look out for more blog posts in this series, including what you can create in 30 and 60 minutes!

1) Needle felting therapy

Needle felting is such a therapeutic craft if you need to completely switch off your mind for a while, and the motion of stabbing wool and creating shapes is incredibly satisfying! Our needle felting kits are designed to be mobile and accessible wherever you go, so simply pop the box in your bag and you’re set! Complete a full kit gradually over the course of a few days, or try making balls or pumpkins, which will only take around ten minutes to complete and will be perfect for a DIY garland!

2) Forage for flowers and create DIY potpourri

Get away from your desk and out into nature, and while you’re outside, pick up any fallen flowers or petals that you find! Once you're home, grab a baking tray and lay down a sheet of parchment paper on top, then place your flowers/petals onto the tray. Add slices of lemon and orange for an added citrus scent, as well as any essential oil you have such as lavender or vanilla extract. Bake the flowers and allow to dry out in the oven for at least an hour. Once completely dry, add another spritz of oil, place in a jar/bowl and voilà, you've created a brand new scent for your workspace!

3) Customise your clothes with Pom Poms 

Pom Pom’s and tassels are two super speedy embellishments to create, and are a fantastic way to liven up an old pair of shoes or a plain tshirt. During your lunch break, making just a few Pom Poms (or tassels) a day will mean you have plenty to use when wanting to customise your clothes or craft projects, so follow our super-simple Pom Pom tutorial, and stitch (or glue) onto absolutely anything! You can also make bigger Pom Poms by following our tutorial below:

Cut two pieces of circular cardboard roughly the same size, and cut a keyhole shape from the centre. Layer the two circles on top of each other, and begin wrapping yarn around the circles. Once you have filled the entire shape, carefully snip between the two pieces of cardboard to begin forming the Pom Pom shape. After you have snipped through the centre of the yarn, take another piece of longer yarn and tie between the two pieces of cardboard to hold the Pom Pom together. 

4) Make your own felt flowers

There are endless possibilities of what you can create with a sheet of felt, but one of our favourites is definitely flowers! Felt flowers can be whipped up in no time, and you could make an entire bouquet throughout your working week if you spend your lunch time wisely. See below for the roses that you create with just a few felt sheets and a nifty glue gun! Create your very own wreath, festival head-band, or use to embellish your DIY giftwrap.

To make your own rose, simply cut out an oblong shape with scalloped edges, and then cut a spiral into the shape, again with scalloped edges. Tightly roll the felt in on itself, securing each roll with a glue gun as you go. 

5) Read a chapter or two of a craft book

If you feel like you don’t have time to learn anything new because of your work schedule, why not spend a few minutes of your lunch break reading a craft book? Reading a craft book is a great way to get those creative ideas flowing, and it means when you do have time to craft you’ll find little snippets of information you’ve read coming back to you! We’re loving ‘Take a Bandana’ by Jemima Schlee and ‘Animal Hats’ by Vanessa Moonice (you can find our little review of the book here).  


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