Christmas Jumper Baubles

Christmas Jumper Baubles

Friday the 15th is officially Christmas Jumper Day, and so we couldn’t resist creating our very own woolly baubles. We’ve turned ugly Christmas jumpers into kitsch decorations, perfect to hang on your tree or as bunting during the festive period. With only a few materials needed, why not create your very own baubles with a twist? We’d love to see what designs you come up with!

To make these teeny jumper decs, you will need:
Felt sheets in a variety of colours
Paper/card to cut out your template
Glue gun
Embroidery Thread
Embroidery/ sewing needle

1) Begin by snipping out two jumper shapes from felt. We created a super simple jumper template from card, but you could make yours more complicated, or increase/decrease in size!

2) Put your jumper pieces aside, and then decide on the design you want on the front. We have chosen a reindeer, so we drew out a simple reindeer head onto felt and cut him out. You can either use a glue gun to attach your design, or stitch it on. 

 3) Once the design is attached to the front, it’s time to join the jumpers together! Use a contrasting colour of embroidery thread to whipstitch the two pieces together. Begin at one shoulder of the jumper, and stitch until you reach the shoulder on the other side (leaving enough room to add your stuffing). Poke your stuffing into the neckline, and then finish stitching.

4) Use a glue gun to attach a piece of string or ribbon to the top of the jumper, and there you have it! We have experimented with different techniques on our jumpers such as French knot snow on our snowflake jumper and using a needle felted ball for Rudolph's nose, and we'd love to see what you come with! Happy Christmas Jumper Day from us all at Hawthorn Handmade. 

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