Christmas place cards

Christmas place cards

With all of our loved ones gathered around and so much lovely food to prepare, the actual table can often be overlooked around the Christmas period, but luckily we’ve crafted some speedy table place cards so everyone knows where they’re sitting! These name cards can be re-used each year, and can be personalised for each of your loved ones.

To make these name cards, you will need:
White cardstock
Craft knife
Embroidery Thread
Stamp set (or some fancy pens if you’re a calligraphy wizard)

1) To begin, snip your card to measure A6 size (10 x 15cm). Carefully fold the card in half, and draw a thin pencil line along the fold.

2) Use a pencil to draw out your desired design along the top section of the card, using the fold as a guide. Make sure your design doesn’t go below the fold.

3) Use a craft knife to carefully cut around the outline of your shape, making sure not to cut along the fold line (otherwise the silhouette effect will be lost).

4) Now it’s time to add your own details! Use embroidery thread to embellish your designs, and then stamp (or write) the name of everyone at your table. We've used the prick and stitch embroidery technique as well as felt to embellish our place settings.

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