Custom Motif Embroidery Hoop

Custom Motif Embroidery Hoop

If you love our embroidery hoops and want to add your own twists and stitches, our Motif Embroidery Sets are perfect to add those personal touches! Choose the Sea set to customise the Seahorse and Narwhal, or opt for the Woodland motifs for Badger, Fox, Squirrel and more! Why not mix and match and see where your imagination (and stitches) take you?

To recreate our customised embroidery hoop, you will need:

 -The Sea/Woodland Motif Embroidered Patterns
-A Contemporary Embroidery Kit (We've used the Seahorse but you can use any other pattern)
-A good pair of scissors
-Tea and biscuits (optional!)


1) Start by choosing your main embroidery pattern. Choose one of our existing designs that co-ordinate with the Sea and Woodland Motifs that come on a pre-printed cotton sheet, or design your own pattern from scratch. Stitch the pattern, following the detailed instructions which come with each Contemporary Embroidery Kit

2) For this project, we have opted to use Dressmakers Carbon Paper to transfers our motif designs onto our embroidery hoop. For this method, begin by choosing the Sea Motif designs you wish to transfer, and cut them out separately from the A4 sheet. If you are transferring onto light fabric such as the white cotton we have, choose the darkest possible sheet of carbon paper. Lay the carbon paper over the fabric you are transferring onto with the waxy side facing towards you and the smooth side touching the fabric. Place the motif shape onto the paper and begin and trace directly over the pattern using a sharp pencil. 

3) The motif design should transfer with strong lines which are easy to stitch around.

4) Place the cotton fabric back inside the embroidery hoop and begin embroidering, following the stitch guide that comes with all of our Contemporary Embroidery Kits, or download the PDF stitch guide that comes with the Motif Embroidery Patterns.

You can shop our full range of Contemporary Embroidery Kits and Motif Embroidery Patterns here
Project and photography by the Hawthorn Handmade team. 

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