Embroidered denim jacket your way

Embroidered denim jacket your way

Denim is a year-round fashion staple; whether you’re donning jeans and sandals in the summer, tucking them into your winter boots, or rocking a denim jacket over a summer dress in the warmer months. Denim is a great fabric to hand-embroider because it’s sturdy enough to stitch without a hoop, and just a few motifs can completely transform a simple piece of clothing! With the help of our Motif Embroidery Patterns, you’ll be able to renovate a denim jacket into an iconic and original fashion piece.
For this project you will need:
- The Sea/Woodland Motif Embroidered Patterns
- Denim Jacket (this can be as inexpensive as a charity shop haul)
- Embroidery needle
- Iron
- A good pair of scissors-
- Tea and biscuits (optional!)


1) Begin by choosing the motif you wish to embroider, and either cut this out separately from the sheet (if you want to use the designs more than once it can help to photocopy the sheets before cutting them so you have other copies to use) or lay the A4 sheet design-face-down onto your denim jacket. Decide which way round you want the finished design to be e.g If you want your finished motif to look like it is on SHEET 1, use SHEET 2.


2) Using your hot iron pencil, trace directly over your design. TOP TIP – Make sure your pencil is as sharp as possible, and aim for a strong but delicate line. OR: If you aren’t using a hot iron pencil, trace over the design onto a piece of tracing paper.

3) Lay the denim jacket out flat on your ironing board and set your iron to the relevant heat for denim, which is around 230 °C. Place the paper motif design side down onto the denim, making sure it is in the exact place you want the final design to be embroidered. You can also pin the design in place to make sure it doesn’t move.

4) Lay a clean tea towel or handkerchief over the paper design. With the iron, press down hard onto the design. TOP TIP – For best results, don’t move the iron around, simply press down for a few seconds, lift it, and repeat once more. Make sure you have pressed with the iron for at least 50 seconds.

5) Remove the handkerchief/tea towel and check the design has transferred completely. You should be left with a strong pink outline. Repeat the above steps until you have transferred the outline of all the designs you wish to embroider. 

6) Each of our motif kits comes with a free downloadable stitch guide which you can refer to when starting to embroider the patterns. Running stitches are always handy for designs with dashed components such as the Woodland snail, and backstitch is great for continuous lines. Chain stitches and French knot stitches are great for adding more textured detail (like our friend Mr Octopus), and will also show up more on darker denim.

7) We added little details on the pockets and collar of our jacket, but you can dot the designs around wherever works best for you. You could also experiment with tassels and trim for extra detail, and add your own initials with leftover thread just as we have.

 You can shop our Motif Embroidery Patterns here

Project and photography by the Hawthorn Handmade team. 

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