Felted Autumn Wreath

Felted Autumn Wreath

Wreath’s aren’t just a Christmas decoration, and we think they look awesome displayed all-year round. This autumnal wreath is great to welcome the new season, and will be an eye-catching addition to your door or home this autumn. The wonderful thing about wreaths is that there’s no right or wrong way to make them. You can buy wreaths in all materials from polystyrene to wicker, willow and even wire, so whether you want to create a rustic or minimal decoration, there is plenty of choice. In terms of decorating the wreath, you can opt to fill the entire shape, or just partially cover it to leave some of the rustic material on show. We’ve created a fall wreath, but you could swap the rich earthy colours and leaf shapes for some bright pastels and felt flowers to make this wreath more spring/summery.

To create your own seasonal wreath, you will need:

Felting needle & foam
Felt sheets
Wool (Our Autumn Wool Bundle is perfect for this seasonal wreath)
Large sewing needle
Glue gun
A good pair of scissors

1) We chose a willow wreath for an earthy and rustic decoration, and so we have opted to leave the wreath unpainted and uncovered. If you want to cover your wreath, experiment with tissue paper or a few layers of acrylic paint.

2) To create our felt leaves, we drew out the templates for each leafy-shape on a piece of thick cardstock, and then drew around this onto felt before carefully cutting out.

3) To make the felted balls, you can either create your own using our video tutorial and step-by-step guide , or you can buy these cheaply in your selected colour palette to save time.

4) We’ve also included needle felted pumpkins for that added autumnal cuteness. To begin creating the pumpkins, create a larger needle felted ball following the instructions above. Stab your ball almost to completion, but make sure it is still squishy enough for a needle to go through the centre.

5) Take a large sewing needle, and thread with three strands of embroidery thread and tie a knot at the end. Poke the needle through the centre of the ball and bring out the other end.

6) Continue to thread in and out of your ball, creating 6-8 even segments around the shape depending on the size you would like your finished pumpkin.

7) Make the pumpkin stem with leftover green wool, creating a small oblong shape by rolling the wool into a sausage shape and stabbing. Once you have your stem shape, stab into the centre of your pumpkin to attach. 

8) Adhere all of the components of the wreath using a glue gun, arranging in whichever way works best for you. We've intertwined our leaves and felt with mini pine cones, but you could also use conkers, chestnuts or acorns. 

You can shop our full wool range and everything else here.

Content and photography by the Hawthorn Handmade team. 

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