DIY Felted Fox Ears

DIY Felted Fox Ears

The spookiest night of the year is just around the corner, and we’ve got the perfect DIY ears for a foxy costume that you can quickly stab together. The techniques used in this tutorial can easily be adapted to create ears for any other animal from a cat to a deer, and there's absolutely no glue required. Get ready for the cutest Halloween yet!
To make these fox ears, you will need:
Velvet headband (we’ve chosen an orange one, but any colour will work)
Felting needles

1) Take a long piece of wool and begin wrapping wool tightly around the headband. Hold the end in place and begin stabbing until the wool embeds into the headband. Try to felt all of the headband, but don’t worry too much if there is the odd gap (hence choosing a headband the same colour as our wool).

2) Put your felted band to one side, and start creating your ears. Take a piece of wool approximately 2g, and fold in half. Begin stabbing a triangle shape, and aim for two equal triangle shapes, leaving the top of the ears less felted to give the impression of fur. 

3) Once your fox ears have begun to take shape, carefully snip the ends to create a sharper triangle shape. Add additional colours of wool inside the ears for extra detail, taking wispy bits of wool and stabbing into the triangle shape.

4) Once you're happy with the shape and colours of your ears, it's time to felt them onto your headband. Carefully hold the each against the band, and stab around the bottom until it attaches. Be careful not to stab too deeply into the headband, otherwise your needle may snap!

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