Rustic Christmas wreath

Rustic Christmas wreath


Wreaths are a staple Christmas decoration, and a decoration that can be personalised in so many different ways to suit your own and style and decoration traditions. Hang this wreath on your door or above the mantelpiece to mark the beginning of the festive season! Whether you want to create a minimalist or maximalist wreath for this holiday season, we’ve got a handy guide that will give you plenty of ideas and inspiration. We used two of our favourite materials to create this wreathy beauty - wool and felt! 

 To create this wreath you will need:

  • 1 x rattan wreath
  • Felt sheets
  • Wool
  • Pine cones
  • Dried orange slices
  • Glue Gun

1) Cut out several leaves from green felt sheets, altering the shape slightly between holly leaves and bay leaves. Needle felt several balls from red, white and green wool and put to one side. Vary the size of the balls so some are considerably larger and smaller.

2) Create mini felt bows using the shapes below, and assemble the pieces with a glue gun. Put the bows to one side.

3) Cut slices from one large orange, and bake on a low temperature for around 20 minutes (or likewise buy pre-dried orange slices).

4) Assemble all of the pieces onto the wreath using a glue gun, making sure to leave some of the wreath visible to allow the rustic rattan to come through! Don’t be afraid to layer pieces on top of each other and overhanging from the wreath for a truly rustic and textured decoration.

Look out for the video of the wreath being assembled over on our Facebook and Instagram pages! 

Content and photography by Hawthorn Handmade. Shop our full range of craft kits and materials here

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