Spotlight Product - Bee Brooch Needle Felting Kit

Spotlight Product - Bee Brooch Needle Felting Kit


Bee Brooch Needle Felting Kit - £9.95

Taking centre hive this week is our little friend the Bee Brooch, soaking up the last of the summer pollen and buzzing around our gardens and craft table! 

This kit is the ultimate needle felting introduction for beginners, and is the kit we always recommend to those just starting felting because you essentially just need to create two oblongs to form a bee! The stripes of the bee are also a great way to practise adding detail to shapes, and knowing how much/how little wool you need to create each section.

Each of our Brooch Kits comes with more than enough wool to create your creature, and the bee kit is designed to create at least two stripy friends. 

Within a beehive, there are three different roles for bees; the queen, the worker and the drone. The queen is always female, and is a fertile bee who keeps the hive buzzing with new bees. It is the drones job to mate with the queen bee, as the drone is always a male. Once the drone has mated, the queen bee kills the drone in order to reproduce. Worker bees, who are infertile female bees, are then left to serve the queen and produce honey/pollinate plants, while also cleaning the hive - including getting rid of any drone bees that the queen does not want around. Who knew the life of a bee was so complex?

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