Upcycled Spring Wreath

Upcycled Spring Wreath

While we were having a spring clean of the studio, we found lots of odd bits of wool, thread, and even embroidery hoops! We were wondering what we could make with the inner-section of the embroidery hoop, and couldn’t think of anything better than a Spring wreath! This wreath is easy to make, and is the perfect seasonal home décor piece to welcome the new season. You can truly make this wreath your own with different colours and sentiments.
To make this wreath, you will need:

A complete, or one-section of an embroidery stand
Felt sheets
Artificial flowers
Glue Gun
Cotton fabric
Embroidery thread

1. Using a selection of felt sheets, create a varied collection of spring flowers and foliage. You can find our DIY rose tutorial here, but for the most part you can just experiment with different shapes and leaves. Once completed, put these to one side.

2. Next, take a piece of white cotton fabric and cut into a rectangular pennant shape. Using a pencil, write your chosen sentiment across the length, and then use embroidery thread to stitch over the words using back stitch. Put this to one side with the flowers.

3. Now it’s time to arrange your wreath! Begin by securing the stitched pennant between the two embroidery hoops so it acts as a banner to your wreath.

4. Begin arranging your felt and artificial flowers around the bottom of your wreath, careful not to make it too busy to cluttered. Once you are happy with the layout, use a glue gun to secure the flowers.

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