Weaving techniques: making shapes

Weaving techniques: making shapes

Weaving is one of those addictive crafts that once you’ve got the hang of it, you just want to keep weaving to see what patterns you can create next. Once you’ve cracked making tassels, plaits and weaving with wool roving, making geometric and symmetrical shapes within your weave is definitely the next thing to try! We’ve created a symmetrical square pattern with triangles to take centre stage of our woven wall hanging, but you could also create chevrons and circular patterns with a few alterations. We’ve used our Naturals Weaving Supply Pack (with the addition of green yarn) to create this piece, but you can also use yarn from your stash or browse our other colours!

To create this woven wall hanging, you will need:
-Warp thread
- Tapestry needle & comb
- Yarn
-A good pair of scissors
- Craft tape

1. Begin by warping your loom, making sure to use the full length of the loom to allow for a wide canvas for your pattern. Once your loom is warped, mark the centre of the loom by placing a small piece of craft tap at both ends – this will help when creating a symmetrical pattern.

2. To create a triangle, begin by stitching a straight row, making sure the centre of the row lines up with the craft tape in the centre. It is helpful to make a note of how many rows you stitch across to ensure it’s even at both ends.

3. Stitch two rows the same length, and then come in by one notch at both sides for the next row. Continue in this pyramid pattern, coming in by 1 notch either side every two rows, until eventually you will create a triangle shape.

4. To create the square shape, simply stitch each row one by one, altering the length and width of each square until you have the desired pattern. We created a relatively simply pattern, keeping the colours muted and minimal to compliment the rest of the weave. Don't worry if your weave begins to 'pull' a little as you start creating shapes, simply unstitch and try a looser stitch, or embrace the weave pulling a little as we have with our hourglass shape!

5. We've finished off our design with rya knots (tassels) to tie all of the colours together and for additional detail once the weave is hanging. Each of our weaving supply packs comes with instructions for lots of stitches and techniques, and also basic weaving tips like warping your loom if you've never tried weaving before. 


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