Woven Pillow

Woven Pillow

Nothing will light up mum’s face on Mothering Sunday quite like a handmade gift crafted with love, so why not weave up this adorable woven pillow for her favourite chair? This project is fun and easy to make, and can be personalised with your mum’s favourite colours! We’ve chosen to use our Sky Blue & Fuchsia supply pack with our Pop-up Loom, but you can find our full range of weaving kits and colours here.
You will need:
Sky Blue & Fuchsia Weaving Supply Pack
Pop-Up Loom
- Stuffing
- Fabric
- Needle and Thread

1. Warp up your loom as you would with any other weave, and try to use the entire width of the loom to maximise the size of your finished pillow.

2. Create a weave using as much of the space as possible… we’ve opted for a super chunky and textured tapestry, but keep it as simple as you like!

3. Once you have completed your weave, tie off each end of warp thread securely to prevent the weave from unravelling.

4. Cut a piece of fabric the same size as your finished weave, and stitch three of the sides together (by hand or machine), leaving one side unstitched.

5. Put stuffing into the open side of your pillow, making sure every corner of the pillow is stuffed.

6. Stitch up the remaining side of the pillow, and you’re done!

Content and Photography by Hawthorn Handmade. Shop our full range of craft kits for beginners and beyond here


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