Woven plant pot cosies

Woven plant pot cosies

Plants are something most of us have in our homes, whether you have an entire family of cacti or have been given a plant/flower on a special occasion which takes centre stage of your windowsill. These woven plant pot cosies are the perfect way to add your own touch to your favourite plants, and you can tie in the colours and pattern with your own home décor, as well as disguising any less-attractive plant pots you may have!

To make these cosies, you will need: 

 - A weaving loom
- Warp thread
- Tapestry needle
- Weaving comb
- Yarn
- Sewing needle
- Thread
1) We have used our Pop-up Loom to weave these holders, which measures 26.5 x 28cm. The size of your plant pot and loom will alter the final size of the weave, but we have created our weaves to be 8 x 21cm to fit most small planters. Warp half of your loom if you are just weaving one holder, or warp the entire loom and use the entire width if you're weaving several.

2) Keep your weave relatively simply, as it will be wrapped around a plant pot and fine details such as complicated shapes and tassels will be lost.

3) Once you have completed your weave, carefully take it off the loom and tie any loose ends from the weave. Fold the weave in half, and stitch along both sides. Place your plant pot inside the cosie, and decide if you need to trim it so the plant is clearly visible over the weave. It’s as simple as that! If you want to make a larger plant cosier, you can stitch several weaves together. 

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