Our mini needle felting kits make the perfect introduction to the handmade art of needle felting. They're an ideal way to switch off and make something beautiful with your hands.

Hawthorn Handmade Needle Felted Bee Brooch

You can choose from free standing mini makes or needle felted brooches, which are perfect to give to friends and family, or why not give a fellow craft lover the kit so they can make a brooch themselves!

Here we’ve pinned the needle felted bee from the Bee Brooch Needle Felting Kit onto a handmade greetings card, a lovely way to present your make.


How to

1. Make the bee following the instructions in the kit.

2. Fold a 3-layer wad of white felt just big enough for you to pin the bee onto and stitch together around the edges. Hot glue into position on the card and pin on the bee brooch.

3. Glue on 3 daisy embellishments and add the sentiment and dotty flight line with a fine black marker.

TIP: Wrap in tissue paper and pop into a gift box and bring a smile to your loved one’s face!

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Happy felting!

Stephanie x

Founder & Creative Director, Hawthorn Handmade

Stephanie Carswell Hawthorn Handmade

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