If you’re looking to start needle felting and love making cards, then why not combine the two and make a card with a removable gift on the front!

Our cute Needle Felted Brooch Kits are the perfect size to fit onto a card and make a great first needle felting project to help build your confidence. Here’s how we made our festive foxy Gift Card.

Level: Easy
Method: Fun and very relaxing
Time: The needle felted fox will take a beginner around 2-4 hours to complete and around an hour to make and assemble the card.

Needle Felted Fox Brooch Gift Card - Hawthorn Handmade

Ingredients for the brooch:

Ingredients for the card:

  • Card Blank – 5 x 7 inch
  • Paper - Plain blue and brown patterned sheets
  • Brown card
  • Craft Die - 9cm and 7.5cm diameter scalloped circles
  • Craft Die – 7.5cm long tag
  • Die-cutting machine
  • Embossing Folder - Snowflakes
  • Die Inkpad – Brown
  • White Felt – 7cm x 1.5cm rectangle
  • Glue Stick
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Craft Tape
  • 3D Foam self-adhesive pads
  • Brown craft string
  • Die-cut sentiment
  • Scissors


Making the fox

Make the brooch up following the easy step-by-step instructions in the Fox Brooch Needle Felting Kit. The kit includes British wool, 2 felting needles and silver coloured brooch back. Use a Needle Felting Foam Pad to protect your working surface and be prepared to have a very relaxing 2-4 hours making!

 Fox Brooch Needle Felting Kit - Hawthorn Handmade

Making the card

1. Use a snowflake embossing folder and die-cutting machine to create a raised snowy effect onto a 12cm x 16cm rectangle of plain blue paper. Create a torn effect by hand tearing off all the straight edges. Tap a brown die-inkpad over the raised pattern and around the edges to create a vintage effect. Stick to the centre of the card blank.

Needle Felted Fox Brooch Gift Card Supplies

2. Die-cut the 9cm scalloped circle from brown card. Tap the edges with brown die-ink. Repeat using the smaller circle, this time using a patterned brown design. Secure the smaller circle centrally on top of the large one using 3D sticky pads.

3. Die-cut a brown tag and tap the edges with the ink. Secure a pre-printed sentiment, tapped with ink centrally onto the tag with 3D sticky pads. Thread a length of brown craft string through the tag and secure the tag into position on the lower half of the card using 3D sticky pads. Use craft tape to secure the ends of the string onto the back and inside of the card, trimming the string to suit.

4. Secure the scalloped circles onto the top half of the card using 3D sticky pads.

5. Cut a 7cm x 1.5cm rectangle from white felt, fold in half lengthwise and sew the ends and edges together.

6. Pin the brooch onto the white felt pad then use a hot glue gun to secure the back of the felt pad into position onto the scalloped circles, making sure the glue does not touch the brooch (your recipient needs to be able to remove the brooch to wear!).

Needle Felted Fox Brooch Gift Card - Hawthorn Handmade


Use the different brooch kits to make up an assortment of Gift Cards for your friends and family. We have 14 cute designs to choose from and they’re the perfect introduction to the fun soft craft of needle felting. Check out this one that we made using the Black Sheep Brooch Needle Felting Kit!

Needle Felted Sheep Brooch Gift Card Project - Hawthorn Handmade

Happy crafting!

Stephanie x
Founder & Creative Director, Hawthorn Handmade

Stephanie Carswell - Founder and Creative Director - Hawthorn Handmade

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