Learn how to make 3D needle felted hearts. Perfect for adding as embellishments on crafty projects or for making bunting!

Level: Beginner
Method: Creative and relaxing
Time: Make one small heart in around 15 minutes

Hawthorn Handmade Needle Felted Hearts Tutorial


How to make the heart

1. Tease off a length of wool, the longer and wider it is, the larger your heart will be. If you want to make hearts the same size, make sure all your wool lengths are the same length and width.

Needle Felted Heart Tutorial Hawthorn Handmade

2. Roll the wool into a spiral, tighter at the start and looser towards the end. This will result in a cylinder shape. Place onto a foam pad.

Needle Felted Heart Tutorial Hawthorn Handmade

3. Hold the ends of the cylinder and gently stab the wool along the join with a 38-guage needle to seal it down and stop it from unravelling. Don’t stab too hard, just softly bounce your needle up and down.

Needle Felted Heart Tutorial Hawthorn Handmade

4. Turn the cylinder upright so the rolled end is visible and use the needle to fold in the outer wool edges and any loose wool fibres into the middle and stab lightly with the needle until sealed and smooth. Repeat at the other end of the cylinder.

Needle Felted Heart Tutorial Hawthorn Handmade

5. Lay the cylinder on its side, hold the ends with one hand and lightly stab the needle in a line from front to back across the short edge to create the dip of the heart shape.

Needle Felted Heart Tutorial Hawthorn Handmade

6. Hold the wool between your fingers with the felted dip facing towards your hand and gently squeeze the opposite side to form a point – you may need to tease the wool gently to make a longer point. Lightly stab with the needle being very careful of your fingers!

Needle Felted Heart Tutorial Hawthorn Handmade

7. Roll the pointed end of the heart over and stab all around the point to give it good definition. Once the heart is holding its shape, gently stab the needle over the surface until you have a defined 3D heart.

TIP: Use the hearts to make bunting by using a needle to thread coloured elastic thread through the sides of the hearts!

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Happy felting!

Stephanie x
Founder & Creative Director, Hawthorn Handmade

Stephanie Carswell Hawthorn Handmade

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