It’ll soon be time to decorate your Christmas tree! We’ve been getting creative here at Hawthorn Handmade HQ and made this pretty tree bauble using one of our 4-inch embroidery hoops and our Rudolph Brooch Needle Felting Kit.

Level: Easy
Method: Creative and calming
Time: The needle felted Rudolph will take a beginner around 2-4 hours to complete and around an hour to make and assemble the bauble base.

Needle Felted Rudolph Tree Decoration - Hawthorn Handmade


Ingredients for the Rudolph Brooch

Ingredients for the bauble

  • 4-inch Embroidery Hoop 
  • Metallic acrylic paint and paintbrush
  • Blue snow patterned paper
  • White card
  • 4 Die-cut card snowflakes
  • 3D Foam adhesive pads and glue
  • Festive ribbon
  • Length of yarn or craft string to hang

How to

1. Make the needle felted Rudolph following the instructions in your kit.

2. Use metallic acrylic to paint the wooden hoop. You will need 2 coats. TIP Hang the wet hoop on a mug rack whilst it dries.

3. Cut a 4-inch diameter circle from blue snow patterned paper and glue to the back of the hoop with the pattern facing towards you. TIP If your paper is thin, glue it onto a 4-inch circle of stronger card first.

4. Use 3D sticky pads to secure 3 die-cut snowflakes onto the backing paper and 1 onto the frame.

5. Thread some yarn through the screw at the top and tie to make a loop.

6. Tie a festive ribbon into a bow around the screw.

7. Secure your needle felted Rudolph to the bauble by popping sticky pads onto its brooch pin (you can take him off and use him as a brooch after if you wish!).

Happy crafting!

Stephanie x
Founder & Creative Director, Hawthorn Handmade

Stephanie Carswell - Hawthorn Handmade

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