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When will my order ship?

All orders are shipped within 2 working days at the most, normally the next or same day. The only time this doesn't happen is when we close for Christmas and the New Year.

When will my order arrive?

If you're in the UK all orders are sent 2nd class, or 1st class at busy times, and normally arrive in 2-3 working days though they can occassionally take up to 7 days. You can choose to upgrade to a next day service when ordering. International orders vary from 5-7 working days for most of Europe to 7-14 working days for the US, Canada, Australia and everywhere else. 

My order hasn't arrived yet?

If it is longer 10 working days in the UK and 6 full weeks from shipping for the rest of the world and and your order hasn't arrived, please first check with your local depot or sorting office, and with any neighbours or other household members in case they have attempted delivery and missed you or someone has taken delivery for you. Please also check that the delivery address is correct. If none of those checks unearth the parcel, please get in touch with us on and we'll do our best to help. 

Do you ship to the US/Canada/Australia/France/Japan/Anywhere else...?

Yes! We ship internationally for a flat fee of either £12.00. This is a fully tracked service. 

Can I get the tracking number for my order?

We don't currently offer tracked shipping in the UK. There is a delivery confirmation number which shows when the parcel has been delivered but please note this is not a tracking number. 

All international orders are fully tracked and your tracking number will have been sent to you in your shipping confirmation email. If you've lost this, get in touch and we can send it over.

I have read the FAQs and still have a question...

Email us on or call us on 01258 863873 (NB. we're a small team and may not always be able to answer so please do leave a message!)

General Information

Can I sell what I’ve made?

We're afraid not. The instructions provided in all our kits and the finished items made from them are for your personal use only. They must not be copied, reproduced or sold. 

Can I come and buy kits in person?

Unfortunately our premises are not open to the public and all sales need to be online. 

Do you offer the kits wholesale?

Yes! We currently work with over 550 stockists around the world and are always happy to welcome new shops. We have a dedicated wholesale website where you can apply for an account. Head here to fill out the form and we'll be in touch.

Needle Felting

What is needle felting?

Needle Felting is a relatively new craft created in America in the 1980’s. To create 3D or flat shapes out of loose wool you repeatedly stab the wool with a special barbed needle. The barbs catch on the scales on the fibres and push them together where they grab onto each other. The needle then comes out clean leaving the fibres where they are. The more and more you stab, the more they hold onto one another and they gradually become solid. As you stab you manipulate the wool, sculpting and adding as you go to create different shapes. It’s a wonderfully therapeutic craft and is ideal for picking up and putting down as and when you find the time!

Do the kits contain everything I need?

Each kit contains all the wool you need as well as 2 felting needles in a secure case and detailed instructions. You have the option to add a foam block or not depending on whether you have one already, or are giving the kit as a gift (see below for more information on the foam). You don’t need anything else to complete one of our needle felting kits, apart from a little patience and some refreshments!  

I’m a total beginner, will I really be able to do it?

Absolutely! Though it can take years to master (as with any craft!) the basic techniques are easy to get the hang of and you’ll be able to make a completed piece from scratch by following our super-clear step-by-step instructions. There are a few basic rules to follow such as not bending or twisting the needle and working on the foam surface, then after that it’s very intuitive and most importantly, great fun! And if you do get stuck, check out our video tutorials or get in touch.

What age are your needle felting kits suitable for?

As a general rule we recommend that the kits are for children aged 10 and over due to the sharp needles. However we know that many younger children can be very dextrous and they may even do better than us adults! Therefore, it is up to you but please do supervise young children with the sharp needles.

Do I need a foam block?

If you've never felted before you will need a foam block to get started and they're available to add as an extra to all our needle felting kits. The foam acts as a working surface whilst you felt. You need something that the needle can go into to stop it from snapping against a hard surface and to protect your hands or lap. You can also use it to help shape pieces. One of our foam blocks should then last about 30 -40 projects depending on the size of the projects. 

Where do you source your wool?

The majority of the wool in our needle felting kits is British wool from our wholesale supplier in Yorkshire. The Merino in our wool bundles and a small number of kits is ethically sourced from non-mulsed sheep on the Cape of South Africa or South America. And finally a few kits use Corridale from New Zealand.


Do the kits contain everything I need?

Apart from a small pair of scissors, everything you need to complete your hoop is in the box including the hoop, pre-printed pattern, embroidery threads, needle and instructions.

I’m a total beginner, will I be able to learn embroidery?

Absolutely! Our kits contain a detailed stitch guide showing you how to do all the stitches required to finish each kit (with illustrated diagrams) and which stitches to do where. There's also a beginner's guide to embroidery showing you the very basics including how to use the hoop, splitting the thread and more. Follow the instructions and take your time and you'll be stitching like a pro in no time! 

What age are your embroidery kits suitable for?

As a general rule we recommend that the kits are for children aged 10 and over due to the sharp needle. However we know that many younger children can be very dextrous and they may even do better than us adults! Therefore, it is up to you but please do supervise young children with the sharp needle.

Can I use my own colours and stitches?

Yes, of course! We provide recommended colours and stitches but feel free to have fun with your own design, even adding to the design!

Cross Stitch

Can a total beginner make these?

Yes! Our cross stitch kits are designed for beginners with just one simple stitch to learn. Our designs don't use any fiddly half or quarter stitches and there's no back stitch to add - just a simple cross stitch. Our large print patterns make it really easy to keep track and the detailed instruction booklet shows you all the basics, from preparing the fabric in the hoop, to how to follow the pattern and of course, how to create the stitch.

Does the kit come with everything I need?

The only thing you'll need to add is a pair of sharp scissors. Everything else is included in the box!

Felt Craft

Are these kits suitable for beginners?

Yes! The finished pieces may look complicated, but our detailed instructions break everything down into easy manageable steps which a total beginner can master.

What kind of felt do you use?

Our felt is 30% wool and 70% viscose. We tested lots of wool felts and this was the best we found, with the ideal mix of soft woolen texture with the sturdiness of viscose needed to make sharp cuts.


Do the kits contain everything I need?

Yes! Our weaving kits come with all the tools and materials you need to create a wall hanging. You will need a pair of scissors but we assume most people will have access to those. 

I’m a total beginner, will I be able to weave?

Absolutely! Our loom and kits come with instructions which contain a detailed guide showing you how to do a variety of weaving techniques with illustrated diagrams to help. There's also a beginners guide to weaving showing you the very basics including how to get started, using a shuttle and more as well as a pattern to follow if you want to re-create our design.

What age are your weaving kits suitable for?

As a general rule we recommend that our weaving kits are suitable for children aged 8 and over. We know that many young children can be very dextrous and they may even do better than us adults! 

Where do you source your wool?

The wool in our weaving kits is a mixture of British wool tops (adhering to British welfare standards) and ethically sourced Merino tops. The beautiful ethically sourced yarns are from Lettlopi and World of Wool. 

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