Craft Guides & Tutorials

A handy selection of video and written guides and tutorials, from a video introduction to needle felting and top embroidery tips, to how to find the perfect wool.

An Introduction to Needle Felting : Tools & Materials

A 101 review of all the tools and materials you need to get started needle felting.

In Introduction to Needle Felting : Making Round Balls and Oblong Shapes

Get started with some basic round needle felted shapes.

An introduction to needle felting : making flat pieces

All the techniques needed to make flat shapes for wings, tails and more.

An introduction to Needle Felting : Adding detail

Give your needle felted pieces their personality with surface details.

2 Easy Ways to Split Embroidery thread

Learn how to split embroidery thread with two easy methods

Guide to Different Felting Wools

Learn all about the different types of wool you can use for needle felting.

7 Must-Know Embroidery Tips for Beginners

Our Top Tips for getting started with embroidery.

Guide to Felting Needles

The ultimate guide to the different types of felting needle and how to use them