Diving into the world of crafting, particularly needle felting, can be both an exciting adventure and a peaceful retreat from the daily grind. If you've ever found yourself intrigued by the art of transforming fluffy wool into intricate, adorable creations but didn't know where to start, a needle felting kit is your perfect companion.

Lion needle felting kit for beginners

These kits are not just a box of materials; they're your gateway to unleashing creativity, learning a new skill, and enjoying the therapeutic benefits of a hands-on craft.

A needle felting kit comes fully equipped with everything you need to start your journey into the cosy world of felting. At its heart, needle felting uses special, barbed needles to mesh wool fibres together into solid shapes. This technique allows for an incredible range of creativity, from crafting lifelike animals to dreamy landscapes.

What's Inside a Needle Felting Kit?

Red Panda needle felting kit contents

  • Wool: The star of the show, the wool in your kit might be roving or tops, which are brushed out lengths of wool with the fibres all going in the same direction (this is what we use), or you may find carded wool or batts, where the fibres are all mixed up. Roving and tops are generally a higher quality of wool, whereas carded wool and batts might be made up from the lower quality wool. The wool in a kit will come in the various colours you need, sometimes using non-dyed natural wools. All of the wool in Hawthorn Handmade kits is ethically sourced, with about 95% coming from British sheep, and the rest from non-mulsed flocks of Merino or Corriedale sheep.
  • Felting Needles: These specialised needles come with small barbs at the end. As you stab the needle into the wool, the barbs catch on the fibres and push them together. The more and more you stab, the more the wool matts together and starts to form a solid felt.
  • Foam Pad or other working surface: The foam is used as a working surface, protecting your lap, table and fingers as you work. You can also use it to create flat pieces such as wings and ears, and help shape sections.
  • Instructions: Clear, step-by-step guides that make the craft accessible and enjoyable, regardless of your experience level. All of our instructions are step-by-step photos with a written description, and we assume no previous knowledge meaning that as a total beginner felter, you can build confidence and learn with ease.

Why Start with a Kit?

For starters, it eliminates the daunting task of gathering materials. Everything has been carefully picked by experts to ensure you have precisely what you need, in the right quantities and qualities.

Sea Turtle needle felting kit for beginners

A kit also gives you a design to work to, without having to figure that all out yourself! 3D sculpture can be pretty scary if you’re new to it, so we take the hard work out of the picture and break everything down into simple steps. 

The World of Needle Felting Possibilities

The versatility of needle felting cannot be overstated. With just a needle and some wool, you can create everything from miniature pets to stylish accessories and home decor. Whether you're crafting a fuzzy friend or a serene nature scene, the possibilities are as endless as they are enjoyable.

A Portal to Mindfulness and Relaxation

In today's fast-paced world, finding a moment of tranquillity is a rare treasure. Needle felting, with its repetitive motions and focus on detail, serves as a wonderful mindfulness tool.

Stephanie needle felting

The tactile nature of the wool and the concentration required for felting can help clear the mind, reduce stress, and evoke a sense of calm and satisfaction. It's not just about the end product; the process itself is therapeutic, offering a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Beginner-Friendly Crafting

One of the most appealing aspects of needle felting is its accessibility. Unlike many crafts that require a significant investment in tools and materials, or a steep learning curve, needle felting is relatively straightforward.

With a beginners kit from Hawthorn Handmade, you have everything at your fingertips to start creating. The simplicity of the craft, combined with the comprehensive instructions included in the kits, makes it an ideal choice for those looking to dip their toes into the crafting world without feeling overwhelmed.

Stretching Cat needle felting kit

To wrap up, starting your needle felting journey with a kit is like opening a door to a world of creativity, relaxation, and satisfaction. Whether you're looking for a new hobby, a mindful crafting practice, or simply a way to create unique, handmade gifts, a needle felting kit offers all that and more.

Hawthorn Handmade's kits, with their variety, quality, and ease of use, stand out as a beacon for budding crafters. They demystify the process, making crafting approachable and fun, ensuring that your crafting journey is as rewarding as the beautiful creations you'll bring to life.


What ages is needle felting suitable for?

Because of the sharp needles, we recommend Hawthorn Handmade kits are for ages 14+. Some younger crafters will be fine, but we would always suggest adult supervision. 

Why are your kits better than cheaper options?

This is a great question! Hawthorn Handmade kits have been created by a felting expert. Designer Stephanie Carswell has been needle felting for nearly 15 years, and has built up an incredible knowledge of this unique craft. With each kit, we are passing on the expertise with all the tips and instructions you would expect from a top level workshop. 

We are also incredibly careful about the tools and materials we put in each kit. We make sure they are of the highest quality possible, whilst also keeping them affordable. We use British wool tops which are a delight to felt with, and our stainless steel needles are made in a world leading factory in Germany. Our foam blocks will last at least 20-30 projects, and this is all wrapped up in a beautiful box you’d be proud to give as a gift.

Hawthorn Handmade needle felting kits ensure you will enjoy this amazing craft right from the start, rather than getting frustrated with poor instructions and low quality materials.

Where can I buy your kits?

Out kits are all available to buy from our website www.hawthornhandmade.com and we ship to nearly every country in the world!