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Embroidery Hoop Stand


Make your stitching hassle free with our Embroidery Hoop Stand. This highly flexible and affordable seat stand comfortably holds any embroidery hoop and tapestry frame up to 12”. Simply clamp your own hoop into the stand, slip the base under your leg to hold it steady and start stitching.

The embroidery stand features 360° rotation, a quick flip top to easily see the back of your work and height adjustment. it is fully adjustable and made from hardwood. The clamp stands at around 29 cm/11.5 inches at its lowest point and can be extended up to approx 41-42 cm/16-16.5 inches at its maximum height. The clamp opens from 2cm-3.5/4cm or 0.8 to 1.6 Inches.

This is one of our best selling craft tools for a reason! It will free up your hands allowing you to work on more difficult stitches such as French knots with ease and it will relieve cramped or tired hands letting you stitch for longer!

Please note, the stand arrives flat packed and requires assembly - instructions are included.

*Hoop in picture not included*

Customer Reviews

Based on 58 reviews

Absolutely worth the money! Arrived quick and is a very sturdy stand!

Very nice!

At first glance, all the pieces looked too confusing to put together. I left it out on the counter and went to bed. Woke up refreshed, brain working again, and it was actually very EASY to put together! And if I should decide to wax or stain it, I can take it apart, do that, and put it back together, easy peasy. Adjustments to clamp and height are easy. This is a well-made, clamp style, hoop holder, and actually not as expensive as the kind with the built-in hoops. I'm happy to have found this one!

Best Embroidery Tool!

I’ve been looking for a hoop stand for quite a while, but most of the stands I’ve seen are not ideal for easy embroidery. However, this stand is great as you can clamp in any sized hoop, raise the height to suit your needs and easily twists so that you can see the back. It has changed my embroidery for the better, leaving my hands free to do intricate stitches. I am loving stitching all the more now I have this stand!


Love it, I am really enjoying using it.

Lovely lap stand, though I wish it was a bit taller

Pretty easy to assemble but the pictures are kinda hard to figure out, like the screws and squares are hard to distinguish. Once assembled, very easy to use! I re-found my love of embroidery :)