Making Black Sheep Brooch

Here at Hawthorn Handmade we design and make our needle felting, crochet, embroidery and weaving kits with lots of crafty love. Hawthorn Handmade started in the back room of my old craft gallery and has since grown into a vibrant business. We are fuelled by beautiful design, contemporary craft, nature and a desire to learn.

Every kit is put together by hand in our Dorset studio by myself, Emma or Julie. We're a small team but absolutely dedicated to getting the highest quality craft ingredients to your door. We're very careful about where we source our materials from and take great care over our comprehensive instructions. 

How did we get here?

Back in 2010ish I had a small craft gallery. I was looking for something to do on the quiet days and came across needle felting online. I bought a kit from the US and was instantly addicted. After a few months of playing I started to sell my pieces and within a year was showing at galleries and fairs across the country. I began to teach evening workshops in the gallery and was often asked for some kind of kit to take home. I initially created a starter kit and then got serious and got to work on the first 6 animal designs. I officially launched Hawthorn Handmade in May 2013 and I knew I was on to something when I got 5 wholesale accounts in the first month. Since then we have grown to about 150 stockists in the UK and US; online sales to *almost* every continent; we've joined sites such as and been offered book deals and TV contracts; we've moved from the gallery into storage units and from storage units into a 1000 sq ft studio and we've had an absolutely incredible time doing it. We now have a crochet range designed by myself and my mum, Mary and last year we launched our new embroidery range. Our plans are ambitious and every sale goes towards supporting a small business I love and that I hope brings you some joy as well.