We've put together answers to the most common questions about our kits below. Scroll down for FAQs on needle felting, crochet and embroidery.


Needle felting is a relatively new craft created in America in the 1980’s. To create 3D or flat shapes out of loose wool you repeatedly stab the wool with a special barbed needle. The barbs catch on the scales on the fibres and push them together where they grab onto each other. The needle then comes out clean leaving the fibres where they are. The more and more you stab, the more they hold onto one another and they gradually become solid. As you stab you manipulate the wool, sculpting and adding as you go to create different shapes. It’s a wonderfully therapeutic craft and is ideal for picking up and putting down as and when you find the time!

How difficult is needle felting?

Not as difficult as you may think. Though it can take years to master fully (I’m still learning everyday!) the basic techniques are nice and easy to get the hang of and you’ll be able to make a completed piece in about 5 hours. Our instructions guide you all the way through from start to finish. There are a few basic rules to follow such as not bending or twisting the needle but after that it’s very intuitive and most importantly, great fun! And if you do get stuck, I’m always here to lend a hand.

What is the foam block for?

The foam block acts as a working surface whilst you felt. You need something that the needle can go into to stop it from snapping against a hard surface. You can also use it to help shape pieces and we use this a lot in our instructions.

NB. The foam does not form the centre of the piece, each finished piece will be 100% wool.

How do the various types of wool differ?

There are lots of great natural wool colours available. But the wools don’t only differ in colour, each can be courser, softer, easier to felt or not good for felting at all, have long or short fibres… A lot of this knowledge comes from using the wools and experiencing them yourself. Our British Breed bundles are a great way to do this, but our kits also contain a wide variety of wools and you’ll notice the differences immediately. We have chosen wools that are great for needle felting. A lot of kits use Merino wool and though we do love how soft it feels and the amazing colours you can get it in, due to its fineness it’s not actually that good for beginner needle felting so we tend to avoid it and use slightly bulkier wools.

Where does your wool come from?

All of our wool in the kits is British wool from our wholesale supplier in Yorkshire. The merino in our wool bundles (and 10g in our snail kit) is ethically sourced from non-mulsed sheep on the Cape of South Africa. And finally, the Alpaca used in our Barn Owl kits is also British and from UKAlpaca.

My 8 year old is very crafty, will she be able to have a go?

As a general rule we recommend that the kits are for children aged 10 and over due to the sharp needles. However we know that many younger children can be very dextrous and they may even do better than us adults! Therefore, it is up to you but please do supervise young children with the sharp needles.

Does each kit contain everything I need?

Each kit contains all the wool you need as well as 2 felting needles in a secure holder and detailed instructions. You have the option to add a foam block or not depending on whether you have one already, or are giving the kit as a gift (see above for more info on the foam). You don’t need anything else to complete one of our needle felting kits, apart from a little patience!

I’ve really enjoyed my kit and want to carry on, do you have more wool and tools?

Yes! Take a look at our wool bundles for extra fluffiness, and you can also stock up on foam, needles and needle holders in our equipment section.

I’ve got stuck, can you help?

Of course we can! Either take a look at our video tutorials see if they answer your question, or just send us a message and we’ll help out right away.

Can I sell what I’ve made?

The instructions provided and the finished items are for your personal use only. They must not be copied, reproduced or sold.


How difficult is crochet?

Crochet is a really fun and simple craft to have a go at. It can get very complicated but our kits are designed with total beginners in mind and only have one simple stitch to master. The ‘How To’ guide takes you through all the different steps with clear colour photos and easy to follow instructions.

Where does the wool come from?

All of the wool in our crochet kits is from the UK. The yarn is traditionally spun in a mill in Scotland, and our felting wool is 100% British.

Does each kit contain everything I need?

Yes! Our crochet kits are complete kits with everything you will need in the box. The only thing you may need to buy is a cushion pad if you don’t have one already.

Can I sell what I’ve made?

The instructions provided and the finished items are for your personal use only. They must not be copied, reproduced or sold.


Do I need to know how to embroider to complete a kit?

Not at all! Our kits contain a detailed stitch guide showing you how to do all the stitches required to finish each kit. 

Can I use my own colours and stitches?

Absolutely! We provide recommended colours and stitches but feel free to have fun with your own design, even adding to the design!